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Kids' Hand/Footprint Crafts

Kids' Hand/Footprint Crafts

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Ten little fingers, ten little toes… they don’t stay little forever!!

Capture the memories of their tiny days by creating canvas bags, mugs, plates or platters with your baby’s hand/finger/footprints! These crafts also make wonderful gifts for grandparents, friends and family! Great for winter holidays, mother’s day, father’s day and more!

The best part….We are here to help!

…because when playing with paint and the little ones… an extra set of hands goes a long way! And…. we’ll clean up the mess!

Make an appointment, come in with an idea, paint those tiny hands or toes and make it into a wonderful memory of these precious years. We can help you complete the design if you need it!

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Mugs, Plates and Platters will need to be baked to fortify the paint. This will make your design permanent and top shelf dishwasher safe! Place your item into the COLD oven, turn the temperature to 350 degrees, bake the item for 30 minutes, turn the oven off LEAVE THE ITEM INSIDE, remove it when the oven is COLD again. If you add the item to a hot oven or remove the item when the oven is still hot, it will likely crack or shatter.